Multimedia Gallery Features

  • WordPress multimedia gallery
  • Fast loading and fully responsive
  • Gallery items can be images or embedded video from YouTube or Vimeo
  • Create any number of galleries with gallery specific filters
  • Galleries easily added to HTML pages with short code
  • Multiple galleries can be added to a single page
  • Full color management for header bar with filters and pagination below gallery
  • Pagination is enabled on front end for more than 24 items within a gallery filter
  • Multiple choices in lightbox display
  • Clicking a thumbnail produces an enlarged popover with image or video content
  • Image thumbnails can be linked to an enlarged image or YouTube or Vimeo video
  • Each item has a caption and description field that can include keywords, tags, hashtags
  • Facebook and Twitter linked icons below content in pop up, display content from popover with website URL and link back to item on website when content is shared
  • YouTube subscribe button with channel link can display with each item of content
  • Each item of content can have a unique call to action button text and link
  • Keyword and filter search functionality in admin for each gallery


This responsive WordPress multimedia gallery with the ultimate flexibility in displaying images and embedded video from YouTube and Vimeo also integrates:

  • Social sharing with Facebook and Twitter per content item.
  • YouTube subscriptions without losing contact with the website.
  • Conversion call to action elements with custom links and button labels per content item.
  • Link building and other SEO functionality including hashtags, geotags, website URL, and content specific links with shared content.
  • The option to create any number of galleries with or without filters for easy insertion in pages or posts with short code.
  • Image content can be linked to an enlarged image or embedded YouTube or Vimeo video.
  • Color management for top filter navigation and pagination.

Gallery items can be images or embedded video from YouTube or Vimeo. These display as thumbnails with an enlarged popover when clicked that includes captions, Facebook and Twitter social sharing icons, Hashtags, customizable Call to Action elements, and a YouTube subscribe integration. Sharing through Facebook and Twitter creates a link back to the website where an embedded video is played.

Multimedia Gallery FAQs

Can this gallery be used with any WordPress theme?

Yes, and it displays optimally on desktops, laptops and all mobile devices.

Are other plugins needed?

A free SEO plugin such as Yoast will allow content from Facebook and Twitter sharing in the lightbox view to display with the featured image or video, site URL, and link back to the content on the website.

What makes this multimedia gallery unique?

Many features and functionality make this multimedia gallery unique. Besides the ability to create unlimited galleries with or without sortable filters, each gallery content item offers options to include descriptions with hashtags and geotags, have a video display with an image thumbnail, YouTube channel subscription, and custom call to action button labels and links. The social sharing is configured for each item to include the content thumbnail, description, website URL and links to the content on the website, making this a powerful tool for SEO backlinks and website traffic.

Can I use this gallery on more than one website?

Each license can be used for only a single domain. Customers have the option to view licenses purchased, domains where each license is active and to deactivate a license to allow it to be used on another domain.

What is your support policy?

We provide support for functionality and design issues where the plugin is not displaying properly on desktop and mobile devices. We do not provide free support for issues with conflicting code from other software or sources.

Are there any ongoing costs?

No. This is a onetime purchase. And, each gallery license includes lifetime upgrades for free.